yeah title has it all ask to da sweets. Well I answer dares too so um yeah and um shippings. Whatever anything ask me anything. You know me quite well now. But my sister is on here too so you can ask her stuff as well.whatever just ask!

People on this blog:

Suzette La Sweet

Mimi La Sweet

Lisette Teh Geek

And my friends sometimes answer questions


No cussing or else

No being a bossy snob

Please dont be a  jerk cuz  I rp that I am evil sometimes but not now because theres  no point to be evil yet and even when I turn evil I can control my powers alot more now so I am not as dangerous ordeadly

Many roleplaying is allowed  but just no spam

ASK TO THE ONE THE ONLY LA SWEETS  ps Sunny and Berry tried roleplaying me once and I arrested them but that a long timeagoBold text