Once there was a princess named Jewel Sparkles one day she fell in love with a poor lumberjack named Forest  but her evil mom Lady and her evil sister Cinder won't let her marry Forest join Jewel on a adventure to get the missing crown and save the world


Jewel as the princess hero who falls in love with Forest

Lady as the evil mother who keeps Jewel locked up tight

Cinder as the snobbish sister of Jewel who is a bully 

Sir as the dad who gets kidnapped

Ivory, Goldie and Snowy as Cinder's clique 

Suzette as Jewel's best friend

Crumbs and Tippy as a pair of girls who call themselves the bakarinas as they bake while doing ballet and they later become Jewel's friends

Forest as the poor lumberjack who yearns to be with Jewel

Scraps as the goofy mad scientist who is clumsy and feels left out and makes a love potion 

Charlotte, Misty and Peanut as the entertainers

Spot as the palace's artist who hates Cinder