This is an episode list for season 1 of The Adventures of Jewel Sparkles. Any blank episodes means I haven't come up with a plot for them yet.

Episode 1: An Unfriendly Dilemma: Jewel find out that all of her friends suddenly hate her, and wants to find out why. Meanwhile, Suzette is doing something sinister...

Episode 2: An Unfriendly Dilemma Part 2: As Jewel keeps getting hated, she finds out that Suzette is the cause of her problems, and puts a stop to it.

Episode 3: The Biggest Snowball Fight in Lalaloopsy Land: Most of Lalaloopsy Land gets together for the first annual snowball fight, but the team leaders, Jewel and Forest, get a little competitive.

Episode 4: The Princess and the Pirate: Patch want to share his feelings for Jewel, but can't seem to get her attention. He also can't work up the courage to tell her how he feels.

Episode 5: A Not-So-Super Adventure: Jewel tries to help Dyna with saving people, but she can't quite do things as planned. Dyna gets mad at Jewel and tells her that she's not very good at life saving, but Jewel gets into a bit of trouble herself.

Episode 6: On-lies: Jewel discovers the wonders of the internet, but when she finds out people think she is a bully, her friends will need to come console her back into their lives.

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Episode 25: Jewel Saves the Day! Part 1: When the Super Lalaloopsies are unable to stop a new villain, it's up to Jewel to save the day.

Episode 26: Jewel Saves the Day! Part 2: Jewel plans to use her own skills to stop [Insert Future Villain Name Here]'s plans to take over the world, even though she doesn't have superpowers. But afterwards, Jewel might be in for more of a surprise than she was expecting.