• everybody is out in the snow, making snow forts and readying ammo

Jewel: Isn't it amazing? The first annual big snowball fight!

Mittens: Yeah, i think half of Lalaloopsy Land showed up for this.

Crumbs: It's almost time to begin! We need to ready the snowballs.

Jewel: Right! Peanut will be announcing the start of the fight any minute! I brought snowball molds, luckily!

  • Suddenly, a fanfare comes out of nowhere, and Peanut jumps up on to a snow mound in the middle of the battlefield, along with confetti

Peanut: Ladies and gentlemen! It is time to start the biggest, snowiest, most fun snowball fight of the year! Are you ready?

Peanut: Get set.....

Peanut: THROW!

  • Peanut jumps down from the snow mound as snowballs go flying everywhere

Jewel: Everybody! we need to set out the plan!

Mittens: Shouldn'tve we done that earlier?

Jewel: Oh....right. Anyway, Bea, you find the best snow for making snowballs. I will make them into balls with my snowball mold, handing them to the others. Crumbs, i need you to throw HARD. We can't have the other team getting any of our snowballs.

Crumbs: Ok!

Jewel: Alright, everyone GO!

  • Meanwhile, the other side is acting quickly

Spot: We're doing great! We're going to win!

Forest: But could you mold the snowballs into actual balls instead of snow sculptures?

Spot: *holding a snow sculpture of Zebra in her hand* Oh, sorry.

Forest: Swirly, Sunny, how are you doing?

Swirly: Great! i'm throwing them as hard as i can!

Sunny: I'm still kind of accepting the fact that i'm fighting Berry!

Forest: She's on the other team, Sunny! It's only fair!

Toasty: Are you guys sure you don't need extra scarves or something? It's cold out here!

Forest: No, we're- AAAAH!

  • more snowballs rain down on Forest's team, while Jewel's team is working hard

Jewel: We're doing great, everybody! Keep going!

Ivory: Are you sure it's fair that we have two people that are used to snow all the time?

Jewel: They have Swirly and Winter, don't they? It's fair, alright!

Berry: But i don't want to hurt Sunny!

Ember: This is just snow, it won't hurt! Now c'mon! We can't give up now!

  • Meanwhile, on the other side

Forest: Alright, we need to think bigger! I'll go out there with a HUGE snowball, and throw it at them!

Toasty: Isn't that cheating?

Forest:No. *makes a snowball bigger than his head and runs out on the snow mound*

Jewel: You can't go out from behind your fort!

Forest: Yes i can! And i've got a surprise for you! HRAAAGH! *throws the snowball at them*

Jewel's team: *all scream and run while the snowball knocks a hole in their fort*

Crumbs: That's not fair!

Forest: It is in my book! *runs back in his fort*

  • Suddenly, colored snowballs start flying towards Jewel's fort

Forest: Great job Spot! Great idea painting the snowballs!

Spot: Thanks!

Forest: Ok, now, everyone grab a snowball!

  • Everyone grabs a snowball, someone grabbing part of Winter's hair

Winter: OW! Not my hair! Actual snow!

  • One of the painted snowballs hits Jewel in the face*

Jewel: AAAH! MY HAIR! MY DRESS! .....That is IT!

  • snowballs are thrown everywhere, both forts being destroyed
  • After the dust clears, Peanut is once again on the snow mound, holding a trophy

Peanut: Alright, and the winner's a tie!

All: A TIE!?

Peanut: Yes! Both teams are awarded! *Forest and Jewel come up and each hold one side of the trophy, with each person's team standing beside them*

Jewel: Good game.

Forest: Yeah, i can't wait for next year., but i'm going to beat you!

Jewel: YOU'RE going to beat ME? Ha! My team is superior!

Forest: In your dreams!