• Patch is in his house, sulking at a desk

Patch: Oh, Parrot, how will I ever get Jewel to notice me? I mean...I love her, but I'm too afraid to show it!

Parrot: Caw!

Patch: You're right, Parrot. Jewel will love me, no matter what. I just hope she doesn't find out about my prize possession...

  • Patch goes upstairs, up to a pair of double doors

Patch: Here it is...

  • The doors open to reveal a pink gem shaped like Jewel's head

Patch: I found this gem on the beach one was so beautiful, I carved it for days until it was perfect. I might give it to her as a gift...but only at the right moment.

  • Patch then goes outside, and runs into Sugar and her friends.

Sugar: Oh, hi Patch.

Patch: Hi Sugar, Twist E., Fancy.

Sugar: *giggle* Word has it that Jewel.

Patch: O-of course I like her!

Twist E.: LIKE her.

Patch: How do YOU know?

Sugar: Remember when Jewel lost the golden button for the Button Harvest Festival? You were the first one to try and find it for her.

  • Flashback

Jewel: Great, now I'll have to use a bike wheel instead of the golden button for every single Button Harvest Festival now!

Patch: I'LL HELP!

Jewel: Really? Thank you SO much, Patch!

  • End flashback

Patch: ...So? What does that prove?

Sugar: Remember when you found your fishing pole at the dock after Jewel used it to look for said button?

  • Flashback

Patch: Hey, my fishing pole! Huh, I thought I left it in the boat. Hm, something's different. *sniff*

Patch: Hey! This is Jewel's perfume! She...she used MY fishing pole! Wow...what if she REALLY likes me?

  • End flashback

Patch:'re right.

Fancy: But it's nothing to be ashamed about! We're willing to help you win her heart.

Sugar: Yeah. Fancy can help you, she's good friends with Jewel.

Fancy: Alright, it's time for Fancy's Guide to Getting a Date with Jewel Sparkles!

  • The scene changes to Fancy and Patch in a classroom, Fancy at a blackboard and Patch sitting at a desk

Fancy: Alright, first things first! *puts a stick to the blackboard, where the words "1. JEWELS" Jewel loves jewels.

Patch: ..I know that, I have this-

Fancy: Please save your questions, and this is not show and tell day. Getting jewel a rare and beautiful gem might make her happy and thankful.

Patch: Are you telling me to bribe my way into Jewel's heart?

Fancy: No, no, of course not! Alright, step two: Chivalry.

Patch: Chivalry?

Fancy: Yes. Jewel loves a true gentleman.

Patch: Of course!

Fancy: Be like a prince to her, and she will play right into your hands.

Patch: Alright, I'll practice.

Fancy: Step three: Outfit.

Patch: Huh? What's wrong with my current clothes?

Fancy: Too.....pirate-y. Perhaps you could try a tuxedo, and...lose the eye patch, you don't need it.

Patch: But-

Fancy: YOU DON'T! Alright, step five: Pay attention.

Patch: Pay attention...

Fancy: You MUST pay attention to all of Jewel's needs. She likes to vent herself.

Patch: Ok, good.

Fancy: Final step, and THIS is the most important. Step six: Listen.

Patch: I know how to-

Fancy: I'm sorry, but I must stop you right there. You must, and always listen. Girls love it when you listen. Don't talk when she's talking, you mustn't interrupt.

Patch: Alright, I'll listen.

Fancy: Very good, you're all set. Class dismissed!

Patch: *gets up* Thanks, Fancy!

Fancy: You're very welcome, remember, be polite, and don't let anyone get in your way! Someone might be there to steal Jewel away in the blink of an eye.

Patch: Got it, bye Fancy!

  • Later, on a trail in Lalaloopsy Land

Jewel: *walking along the path* Oh, what a nice day this is!

Patch: *behind a tree* Alright, Patch, you can do this, just be yourself! ...Goodbye, eye patch! *slowly takes eye patch off* OH, WHY? *quickly covers mouth* Oh, I hope Jewel didn't hear that...

  • Patch comes out from behind the tree

Patch: Jewel, I-

  • Jewel is off, walking away in the distance

Patch: NO, NO NO NO NO NO! JEWEL, COME BACK! *chases after Jewel*

  • Later, Jewel is in the neighborhood

Jewel: Wow, such nice houses.

Patch: I have GOT to get it right this time....

  • Meanwhile...

Crumbs: *opens her front door* Jewel! How nice to see you here. You're just in time to try my special new royal chocolate cookies!

Jewel: Ooh, sounds perfectly sweet! *goes inside Crumbs' house*

Patch: Ok, it's time, let's go! *turns around* Jewe-


  • Next, Jewel is on the beach

Jewel: How beautiful..

Patch: *hiding in a bush* Perfect, a date on the beach!

  • Suddenly, Sir Battlescarred walks up to Jewel

Jewel: Oh, hello, Sir.

Patch: Sir is there? NO!

Sir: Greetings, milady. How be you this fine evening?

Jewel: *giggles* Well, I am doing quite fine, thank you.

Sir: What would you say about an outing together, tonight?

Jewel: What about Lady? I thought you two were inseparable.

Sir: Oh, it's just fake love. Now, will you join me?

Jewel: Well, how can I say no when you saved me a few weeks ago from being buried alive in my own jewelry?

Patch: He SAVED her? Oh, how can I match up to that?

Sir: Come with me, and we shall see the stars!

Patch: No! Remember what Fancy said! Let NO ONE steal her away!

Patch: *jumps out of the bush* JEWEL!

Jewel: PATCH!? Have you been there the whole time?

Patch: Jewel, don't go with Sir! I'm the one who...who..

Jewel: Who what?

Patch: Who...LOVES YOU!

Sir: You are too late, Patch! The hand of Jewel will be mine!

Sir: *turns to Jewel* Jewel, come with me, and take a walk by my castle!

Patch: Wait, doesn't Lady live right next to you?

Sir: Yes, so?

Patch: Are you plotting something?

Sir: Of course not!

Jewel: Wait! Patch may be on to something....Sir, are you telling the truth?

Sir: Well....I....Alright, I admit it. Things haven't been going well with Lady lately, and I hoped that if she saw me with Jewel, she would get jealous and fall in love with me all over again....

Jewel: Sir, how could you?

Sir: I'm sorry...I'll go work things out with Lady... *leaves*

Jewel: *turns to Patch* Patch, what were you saying earlier?

Patch: Jewel.....I......I love you. go on a date with me?

Jewel: I....

Patch: *kneels* Jewel...I...I wanted to give this to you. *opens a ring box, revealing the gem shaped like Jewel's head*

Jewel: Wow, That...that's beautiful. *takes it* Thank you, Patch. I'd love to go on a date with you.

Patch: This is the perfect spot, wouldn't you say?

Jewel: Yes, indeed. ...Patch?

Patch: Yes, Jewel?

Jewel: I....I love you too.

Patch: Really? You don't mind me being a pirate?

Jewel: Well, even though you are a're still my prince in shining armor.

  • The sunset then highlights their silhouettes as they hold hands