• Jewel is in her house, looking at a calendar

Jewel: Look, Cat! Today is finally Bea's birthday! Look what i got her! *holds up a wrapped book*

Cat: Meow! *nods in agreement*

Jewel: I asked her, and it's what she's wanted all year! Let's go.

  • At Bea's house......

Jewel: *knocks on the door*

Bea: *from inside* Come in!

Jewel: *walks inside* Hi Bea, happy bir-

Bea: JEWEL! You JUST interrupted me! I was organizing my bookshelves!

Jewel: But Bea...i brought a-

Bea: You have said enough. Get out and let me do my work!

  • Jewel is pushed out of the door, almost losing her balance

Jewel: I wonder what's wrong with Bea....i guess she's just busy. I'll go see Crumbs, she's gotta be happy to see me, she's my best friend!

  • At Crumbs's house...

Jewel: Hi Crumbs! How are you doing?

Crumbs: Jewel! I'm making special pretzels in different shapes for Peanut's show! I don't have time for this!

Jewel: But.....i...

Crumbs: Just leave me alone!

  • Jewel is once again pushed out the door. She trips, but catches herself.

Jewel: What is going on today? It's like everyone is mad for some reason....I'll at least go help Peanut with her show.

  • On Peanut's front lawn, Peanut is on her tightrope

Peanut: Alright, Elephant, let's go practice our trick for the big show again. *clears her throat* Prepare to be amazed by-

Jewel: *walks in* Hi Peanut!

Peanut: Jewel? *falls off of the tightrope* WAAAGH!


  • Both Elephant and Peanut fall and land on the net

Elephant: *glares and makes the....elephant noise in anger*

Peanut: Jewel! I can't believe you! You almost got me hurt! Just go away!

Jewel: I'm sorry, Peanut, i just wanted to-

Peanut: GO!

  • Jewel is pushed off of Peanut's lawn, and falls down

Jewel: What's going on? Why does everyone hate me? *starts crying*

  • In a dark place, someone is watching Jewel from a bubbling cauldron

Suzette: Hahaha! Good thing Candy let me have her spellbook, or i wouldn't have been able to cast a spell on Jewel to make everyone hate her! Now I'LL be everyone's best friend, not her! HAHAHAHAAAA!

Stay tuned for Part 2! -PrincessJewelSparkles