Welcome to the Lalaloopsy Fan Content and Roleplay Wiki

This is a wiki where you can roleplay, write fanfiction, and create content about Lalaloopsy! We do have rules to what you can and can't do, though.

Rules and Regulations

1. NO bullying other people, or making fun of their work.

  • RULE #2 IS NULL AND VOID. WE HAVE A CHARACTERS PAGE NOW. But still, please only use the characters page for your characters!

3. Respect everyone's opinions and don't make fun of someone or a character that they like.

4. This is a wiki for purely Lalaloopsy ONLY. Do not bring in any other topic. Crossovers are allowed, but only one crossover per fanfiction. You can only crossover with Lalaloopsy.

5. You can NOT, and i mean NOT, include swear words in your fanfiction!

6. We want to keep this wiki child-safe, so no innapropriate content, please.

7. give good stuff to everyone

8: be good or you will pay the price

9: treat everyone like they are your jewels

10: don't complain on other wikis you are blocked

11: no fighting if you want to do that then do it on another wiki